Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) 

                                    system can produce good processing when maintenance is done regularly and according to procedures, PT.Daiki Axis Indonesia can maintain the quality and system by performing maintenance contracts to monitor periodic system conditions to always produce good effluent results.

                                                  is a wastewater treatment system that applies the use of membrane it's in a bioreactor. This technology combines biological processes for degrading waste and membrane processes for biomass separation. The membrane replaces the role of sedimentation tubs to separate solids and liquids for conventional sewage treatment technologies.
With membrane separation performance becomes better because separation is no longer limited by waste residence time and sludge life.


A combination of biological pengelolahan system that is suitable for a large enough capacity by combining
2 methods of processing systems are contact aeration / extended aeration and moving bed aeration. Moving bed
aeration makes bacteria attached to the bacterial media is always optimal, new and productive bacteria are always in the surface of the media while the bacteria that have been unproductive will be separated from the media due to the movement of the media.


Wastewater mixes with Activated Sludge in the Aeration Tank under aerobic conditions. The top layer in the Sedimentation Tank is treated and the Bioligical Sludge is separated from the treated water in the Sedimentation Tank. Activated Sludge is returned to the Aeration Tank to store/maintain the Activated Sludge concentrate from the Aeration Tank.

Treatment of dirty water sourced from sanitation activities (bathrooms, toilets) and kitchens / canteens, for building, industrial and residential facilities that can be accompanied by Water recycle / WTP.

Basic Principles of System

WWTP-Concrete/concrete / RC (combination of contact aeration with moving bed aeration)

                                is a biological wastewater treatment by creating a condition where the reproduction of decomposing bacteria becomes better by performing the decomposition process of organic substances optimally, both attached and suspended. The design adjusts the available STP area and can be done with the addition of media contacts to optimize the existing area. Monitoring system STP continues to be done so that the processed results meet the quality standards that have been set.

Wastewater Treatment System

Extended Aeration​ 

Extended aeration


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