Ultra filtration can be used to remove particles and molecules contained in the water source to be used
as clean water. This system is used in secondary filtration.

The working principle of ultra filtration is to separate molecules based on dissolved molecules. The system works is water enter with a low pressure of approximately 1.5 bar through a membrane that has a diameter of about 0.5-2 mm. Then will be filtered with a filter that has a pore size of about 0.01-0.05 um. Molecules whose size is more than 0.05 um will retained and eventually will be wasted gradually when done back flushing or when forward flushing.


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Reverse Osmosis system is a raw water filtration system through TFC membrane (thin film Compsite) with pressure high , resulting in pure water. The membrane in addition to filtering chemical substances (organic and inorganic) which dissolved in water, it is also a rejection of ions, viruses and bacteria contained in water.

Utilization of used water for the use of various activities, the most common is the utilization of used water for flush plants and flushing toilets, where raw water comes from the treatment of Sewage Treatment Plant. Treated water return / recycle by using Sand filters and Carbon filters.

This process aims to reduce pollutants larger than 0.5 microns in size, as well as hold / filter levels of heavy metals that have been oxidized in the previous process.

Process this aims to eliminate the unpleasant smell of water and kill bacteria and bind toxins in water.

A. Sand Filter


B. Carbon Filter

D. Reversi Osmosis

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C. Ultra Filtration ( UF )

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