If you have enough land not in
need excavation or soil excavation
for STP installation: because the installation can also done on the ground. With installation above ground the effluent position is above so that the disposal is enough with gravity only

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Normal underground installation with GP tank

Metode Installation

Cover Manhole, enough to withstand the weight of a human

2. Above Ground

To overcome low raw water levels, STP is usually installed deeper up to 2 meters than usual
raw water can flow with gravity. But to do that in need of more civil work many, such as the construction of concrete walls around the STP and the manufacture of maintenance space above the STP. GP tanks became a more practical solution. Raw water can be accommodated in GP tanks with a low position
then flow to the STP with a pump. Thus it can save cost and time of installation work underground, especially since concrete work is enough only on the foundation.

If it has limited land, installation it can be done underground. Previously on do an excavation or soil excavation to hoard STP after installed land
above it can be used for garden or parking area.

For garden

Flat Manhole, enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle.

1. Under Ground

GP Tank

For vehicle parking

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Deeper underground installation