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" Water , Oil and Coal "


At the beginning PT CIPTA KARYA MAJU was established to support the distribution and service of Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co. Ltd. (CKIC) instruments, products, and spareparts to all Indonesian government project of 10,000 MW Power Plants, which was built by China Contractors.
PT CIPTA KARYA MAJU then continue to distribute CKIC products to all over Indonesian market of all industries.
Not only that, PT CIPTA KARYA MAJU also aims to maintain CKIC existing potential customers and explore others market in Indonesia.
We are focus on supplying CKIC products and provide only the best aftersale services to all CKIC customers.

Which operate in the Laboratory Industry Instrument Analyzer sales and after sales service. The main product are Instrument Analyzer for Coal, Oil, and Water Instrument. Especially for Coal analyzer we also provide machines for coal preparation which integrated with instrument analyzer. Vertcal development is done through extending application units on the main existing customers. On the other hand, the horizontal, development is open and spread new market to other industries such as : steel, petrochemical, coal mine, cement, paper mill, textile, etc.

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PT Cipta Karya Maju

About Us
Provide excellent laboratory instrument analyzer which achievable price and easy to operate with continue back up for spare and service. Solve operate problem for coal laboratory instrument analyzer at all Indonesia Government 10,000 MW Power Plant Project. Share knowledge of laboratory instrument analyzer to all Indonesian end user. 
Become a local company which competent created exellent instrument products for laboratory for improving Indonesia's industry.