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PT.Daiki Axis Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiki Axis Japan Ltd. Daiki Corporation, the predecessor of Daiki Axis, started its wastewater treatment business in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture in 1958. Since then, the company has been leading the wastewater treatment industry in Japan by developing light and strong FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) Johkasou(septic tanks). We have been towards “eco-creation and development company” that protects the water environment and will continue our efforts.

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A more eco-friendly, people-friendly company focused on water, focused on life  — the enduring aim of Daiki Axis.

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Daiki Axis contributes to the improvement and conservation of the water environment in

Indonesia.  By treating wastewater, we provide a safe sanitary environment and conserve

fresh water.

Hiroshi Ogame

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PT.Daiki Axis Indonesia has its manufacturing system in industrial area of Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande(KIMC). As of end-FY2020, the company had the capacity to produce 250–300 Johkasou per year in Indonesia. We have imported manufacturing facilities from Japan, which are same facility Daiki Axis Japan uses for factories in Japan. We hand down production technology to Indonesian workers to establish secure manufacturing quality control system.
Our production system is ready for anything, including overseas demand. Many products that Indonesian factory produces are exported to countries in Southeast Asia and even Africa. At the plants, various types of Johkasou (Domestic Wastewater Treatment System) are manufactured for meeting the domestic and overseas demand promptly.

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Daiki Axis Indonesia is actively engaged in sales activities throughout Indonesia to promote the high performance of our Johkasou-STP products and to expand our sales channels. We have company offices in Jakarta and Surabaya. We started to develop official dealer channels in 2021, and we are appealing to private customers and government authorities in whole country.

​​The history of Daiki Axis began with the founding of the Ogame Corporation, a specialized dealer of tile and sanitary ware, in 1958. Later, in 1964, we started manufacturing and selling johkasou domestic wastewater treatment tanks, and in 2002 ventured into biodiesel fuel (BDF) business, continuing to expand on our three mainstays: household equipment business, environmental business and renewable energy business.
After establishing Daiki Axis in 2005 as well, we have ambitiously engaged in the creation of new business projects, such as undertaking projects to make groundwater potable and residential drinking water projects.

​​Marking the 10th anniversary of our establishment in 2016, we adopted a corporate slogan of “PROTECTxCHANGE”, signifying the concept: “Protect the environment and change the future.”
​We are actively working to make further expansions overseas as well, with our domestic base of operations providing the footing. We aim to protect the world’s environment and create a sustainable society and future, with water-related business as our central focus.
The COVID-19 outbreak that began in 2020 has thrust economic activities and social life into a state of upheaval. In this new age that we find ourselves in, we endeavor to create a new future with ever more determination, taking it as our mission to “Protect the environment and change the future.”

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