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5E Series C/H/N Elemental Analyzer

5E Series C/H/N Elemental Analyzer is used to determine carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen content in solid and liquid material, such as coal, coke, oil, petroleum, biomass, fertilizer, plastic, food, hydrocarbons and plant tissue, leaves and tobacco, which is widely applied in power plants, coal mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, food industry, education etc.

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Standard Configuration:

Main analyzer
Furnace reagent
High purity copper
H2O sorb reagent

Optional Configuration:
AR427 com-aid for liquid sample
Additional1 2 4 layers carousels
4cm x 4cm size tin-foil cup
Bigger size hole carousel

Models Available:
5E-CHN2200 to test Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen content
5E-CH2200 to test Carbon, Hydrogen content
5E-TCN2200 to test Nitrogen content
5E-IRH2200 to test Hydrogen content
5E-IRC2200 to test Carbon content


Maximum Efficiency
1. High throughput: standard auto loader for 35 samples per layer, stackable to 4 layers available.
2. Closed-loop water circulation assures the purity of water system without any additional solution.
3. Dual-stage furnace system with pure oxygen flow to ensure the complete combustion of all samples.

Good Environment Adaptability 
1. Optimum gas circuit provides good gas tightness of the system.
2. O-ring free from heat resource.

Minimum Consumption
1. Independent detectors to determine C, H, N respectively. Analysis of CH mode and CHN mode can be chosen on software. (For 5E-CHN2200)
2. Saving time, gas and reagent: only 5.5ml blended gas needed to be analyzed.

Unattended Operation
The operator is limited to just adding sample to auto sample loader. Then the instrument will finish the test, cool down and shut off automatically.